Shelby can assist you with the Workplace Plan Toolkit.

Workplace Plan Template: To help you document the required planning, phasing-in and protocols as introduced by your company. Shelby Enterprises would need customise these to their needs. Once populated, this Workplace Plan is continuously updated by Shelby Enterprises with the status of your organisation’s arrangements. Should you require additional help Shelby Enterprises will be available to assist.

More than 25 templates and forms that may be needed to introduce and implement your COVID-19 protocols including: COVID-19 policy, risk assessment, employee vulnerability screening and summary, screening registers, symptoms registers, COVID-19 compliance officer appointment letter, inspection registers, training material, permits register, emergency policy, cleaning schedule, internal incident investigation (Additional and if Shelby Enterprises should have a breach in regards to a COVID 19 case), health declaration.

12 toolbox talk/protocols: cleaning and hygiene, communication arrangements, confidentiality, mental health, offences and penalties, personal protective equipment (extensive), risk assessments, roles and responsibilities, screening handling and reporting of cases, visitors and contractors, what is COVID-19 and work obligations. If you do have a suspected or confirmed case, you will need to report it and work with both Department of Health and the Department of Employment and Labour. The COVID forms that will be required to be completed are included.


The directives and guidelines must be continuously changed/amended based on alert levels and cases handling. Your COVID 19 Compliance officer would need to keep updated and change documents as required. Shelby Enterprises will endeavour to communicate to you any updates that they become aware of.


to ensure your business is ready to thrive in times of business unusual